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CMD is a full service graphics, internet and media company. We are quick, reliable and professional: everything you need to keep your mind on your company or campaign, and off of the pesky details.

Creative Marketing Directions is a business which has not only grown up around advising and assisting political campaigns in the United States but CMD has also developed an extensive base of international of clients. Though its most central role is the production of paid media, largely television, radio, Internet and direct mail, our political consultants can advise campaigns, candidates or serving office holders on virtually any political activity, from opposition research to field strategy.

In an age when the decision of whom will be elected to a position of authority is based on image rather than insight, many individuals seek the assistance of image consultants in an attempt to overcome media bias and candidate or legislation marginalization.

While everyone knows the you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it’s a fact that a well designed cover can certainly catch and hold your attention.

From T-Shirts to lawn signs, Print ads to television commercials, CMD is ready to assist you on your road to victory.

Creative Marketing Directions is the foremost marketing firm specializing in cutting edge forms of communication specifically geared toward the world of politics. Let us help you get your message across.


Robert D Miller

2006 Elections Specials Click Here

07 May 2005 ::: CMD helps win State Democratic Vice Chair race for client Rob Miller in Utah. Miller, a virtual unknown in the Utah party, with the help of CMD.

1 Feb 2005 ::: CMD Head, M.J. Bell retires, sort of.
Beginning Jan. 1, 2005, MJ Bell officially enters Semi Retirement, handing the baton to A. Gleim and B. Booher.

01 Jan 2005 ::: APCA Recognizes CMD for Excellence for "Best Performance of a Federal Campaign under 100k." This award, from such a group, is indeed an honor.

NEW FOR 2006

Our expert staff of writers are having thier hard work sold at a reduced rate. For 2006 we are cutting 20% off our normal rates.

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